Buck and Doe Garden Statues

These striking Buck and Doe Garden Statues will add a gentle, pastoral feeling to your yard. The statues include an adult male and female deer that are close to life-size. The garden statues are crafted in weather-resistant fiberglass from remarkably detailed original sculptures.

Buck and Doe Garden Statues Features

  • Weather-resistant fiberglass garden deer statues
  • Representation of adult male and female deer
  • Near life size
  • Defined musculature and realistic fur texture
  • A welcome addition to the landscape that won’t eat your plants
  • Size: Buck 47¼ inches long x 19½ inches wide x 61 inches tall
  • The Doe is 44½ inches long x 12 inches wide x 32¼ inches tall

Buck and Doe Garden Statues Description

Unlike the living counterparts, the fiberglass doe garden statue won’t be treating your garden as her own personal buffet. She will just stand quietly, representing nature as she stands in your garden. The handsome fiberglass buck garden statue stands tall and proud, displaying an impressive rack of antlers and keeping watch over his domain.

What we Liked Most about the Buck and Doe Garden Statues

We like that these deer garden statues are very life like. They will make a great addition to any yard and are a very impressive art piece. People may take a double look since they look so real.

What we Did Not Like about the Buck and Doe Garden Statues

We couldn’t find anything to not like about these garden statues.

Buck and Doe Garden Statues Order Link: Deer Garden Statue

More about the Buck and Doe Garden Statues

Buck and Doe Garden StatuesThese deer statues are sure to be the most striking animal silhouette in your year-round landscape.

The majestic animal statues are just the right size to proudly display in your flower garden.

Although these deer statues are great all year round, they can be part of a Christmas display as well.

Both statues have striking details, making them remarkably lifelike.

From the defined musculature and realistic fur texture to their expressive faces.

All the details work together to create truly impressive art for your outdoor spaces.

If you really want to show off these statues, add some lighting for a night time display!

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