Dancing Little Girls Garden Statue

This enchanting trio of childhood friends is an endearing children sculpture depicting the innocence of childhood, a cherished moment frozen in time. The Dancing Little Girls Garden Statue will bring a smile to you and your visitor’s face every time.

Dancing Little Girls Garden Statue Features

  • Two-tone greyish coloring.
  • Made of two-tone quality designer resin
  • Hand finished
  • Dimensions: 24 inches wide by 6 inches deep and 12 inches tall
  • Weight: 14 pounds

Dancing Little Girls Garden Statue Description

With lovely flashing smiles, chubby knees and windblown curls of the little girls, this garden statue will add a bit of whimsy to any garden.  It may bring back joys of youthful friendships. This Design Toscano-exclusive garden figurine is created in two-tone quality designer resin.

What we Liked Most about the Dancing Little Girls Garden Statue

We like the uniqueness of this cute children’s garden statue. Although this is not a large statue, it will make a large statement in any garden.

What we Did Not Like about the Dancing Little Girls Garden Statue

We could not find anything negative to report about this garden statue.

Dancing Little Girls Garden Statue Order Link: Playing Girls Garden Statue

More about the Dancing Little Girls Garden Statue

Dancing Little Girls Garden StatueThe workmanship is very eye appealing and the garden statue is very well detailed from its base to the top of the little girl’s heads.

The lovely three girl statue can be displayed indoors or outdoors.

The garden statue has three little girls playing and dancing together.

The eyes of the girls on the left and right are open while the girl in the middle the the statue are partly closed.

Customers are encouraged to bring in these garden statues during severe weather conditions.

As well it is recommended that these garden statues be sprayed periodically with clear coat protection to extend the life of the finish.

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