Flower Girl Statue

This beautiful Flower Girl Statue adds a delightful childlike sculpture to any garden spot. She shows off her dimpled knees and turned up toes as she stretches from her post at the posies.

This statue is superbly created exclusively for Design Toscano. The flower girl statue, named Frances, has a sculpted wicker urn for your live or dried plants. This statue is cast in quality designer resin and hand finished. It will make a wonderful addition to any garden.

The Flower Girl Statue Features

  • Made of quality designer resin
  • The statue was hand cast
  • The statue is also hand painted
  • An exclusive design from Toscano
  • Dimensions: 10 inches wide by 8 inches deep by 21.5 inches high
  • The statue weighs about 5 pounds

Flower Girl Statue Description

Now you can add the beauty of childhood to your favorite garden spot! Little Miss Frances is a wonderful child sculpture that created exclusively for Design Toscano. She has a sculpted wicker urn for your live or dried plants. This playful child statue is cast in quality designer resin to capture the relaxed feel of an endless summer.

What we Liked Most about the Flower Girl Statue

The flower girl statue is very cute. She has a very realistic pose of a child puffing out their stomach. It is also useful that you can add your own flowers or plants to the basket

What we Did Not Like about the Flower Girl Statue

She isn’t very tall at only 21.5 inches although she certainly is delightful.

Resin Garden Statue order link: Frances Garden Statue

More about the Flower Girl Statue:

Flower Girl StatueThis statue is delightful. The color is kind of a marble finish but there isn’t any reason why you couldn’t use acrylic paints to brighten up the statue.

You might want to bring the statue indoors during the winter months especially if you live where there are freezing temperatures.

The statue is perfect in almost every respect with one minor flaw. There is no drain hole in her basket so rainwater can pool in it. However, you could drill a hole in the bottom.

The Frances flower statue is just the right size to sit on a set of stairs or under your favorite tree.

The features of the girl, and the basket are very cute.

Philadelphia Flower Show 2013 Living Statue Video:

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