Thai Buddha Garden Statue

This lovely Thai Buddha Garden Statue will offer a serene, peaceful and the perfect accompaniment to your Zen garden. The Buddha statue is light enough to carry, yet sturdy enough to not shift or move in the yard, even with strong winds. You can put your Buddha under a tree in the garden or in amongst some beautiful flowers.

Thai Buddha Garden Statue Features

  • Constructed from cast resin
  • Heavy enough to not fall over in a heavy wind
  • Hand-applied finishes for a natural stone look
  • Easy to clean with a soft cloth and water
  • Dimensions: 19.25 inches long by 15.75 inches wide by 28.75″ in height
  • Weight: about 30 pounds

What we Liked about the Thai Buddha Garden Statue

We like the serenity that this Buddha statue seems to offer in the garden. It makes a lovely statement in a zen garden under a tree or by a stream.

What we Did Not Like about the Thai Buddha Garden Statue

Several customers had trouble receiving the statue unbroken but other than that issue, everyone seems to think it makes a lovely addition to their garden or home.

Garden Statue Information Link: Statue of Buddha for the Garden

More on the Buddha Garden Statue

Thai Buddha Garden StatueThis statue has a dark gray stone-like finish with a matte finish.

It is recommended that the statue be stored indoors during winter months.

The Buddha statue can be placed outside in the garden but should probably be sprayed with a clear acrylic if you live in an area with extreme temperatures.

At over two feet tall, this statue makes a lovely statement piece for the garden.

The statue is sitting crossed leg and has a version of the Abhaya mudra hand position.

Thailand has many Buddhist temples and you will find them in various postures from sitting to walking and reclining.

These statues are made from many materials including plaster, stone, wood, metal and cast resin.

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