Cherub Garden Statues and Sculptures

There are a number of lovely Cherub Garden Statues and Sculptures that will make a great addition to a room in your home or in your garden. TMost are cast in quality designer resin and have some lovely detailing.

Balancing a Dream Cherub Garden Statue

Another lovely cherub statue from Design Toscano.

The cherub is having a peaceful slumber on top of a base.

The statue has classic cherub detailing from the angelic face to the curling toes.

The statue has been made using hand-casting with real crushed stone and bonded with designer resin.

The statue is also hand-painted for a faux stone finish.

Dimensions: 10 inches wide by 9.5 inches deep by 22 inches tall.

Weight: about 7 pounds.

Life’s Mysteries Cherub Garden Statue

Children generally have a knack for rejoicing in life’s mysteries and lovely cherub statue is no different!

The Life’s Mysteries Cherub Garden Statue is crafted in quality designer resin

The statue has some lovely details including dimpled knees to feathered the cherub’s wings.

The chubby cherub garden figurine crouches to examine a tiny snail.

The statue is hand-painted and makes a perfect addition to a spa, pond or garden.

Dimensions: 9 inches wide by 11.5 inches deep by 15 inches tall.

Weight: about 5 pounds.

Three Cherubs with Urn Statue

This Three Cherubs with Urn Statue has been copied from an Italian angel sculpture and done in the Baroque style.

The three cherubs are perfectly scaled to hold up a lovely ringed urn.

The sculpture can hold a lovely piece of greenery, flower or even water for a classic bird bath.

The cherub garden statue has been cast in designer resin and hand-painted for a distinct look.

The three cherub with urn statue is a nice enhancement to any garden landscape.

Dimensions: 14 inches wide by 11 inches deep by 33.5 inches tall.

Weight: about 22 pounds.

Cheltenham Garden Cherub Statue

If you are looking for a classic cherub garden statue then you will love this Cheltenham Garden Cherub Statue by Toscano.

The statue is made from designer cast resin.

This cerub is holding a gazing ball over his head.

The statue is also detailed and made of duable all weather construction.

Any garden would be brightened by this lovely cherub garden statue.

Or add hime to your patio or even an indoor living space.

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