Outdoor Frog Garden Statues

There are a number of different frog garden statues that you can purchase for your flower beds. They come in all sorts of sizes and made of different materials. You can get ones that will bring some humor to your garden or even serious little guys striking a pose. Whatever your garden theme, these delightful frog garden statues will make a great addition.

Schooling Garden Statuary Frog

Standing just over 10 inches tall, this cute and whimsical frog is reading a book. He has a cute smile on his face and is made of a resin-stone mix. It seems to have enough weight in the bottom of the statue to keep it from falling over on windy days. You will get all sorts of compliments on this frog statue as people can’t help but fall in love with him.

In Good Company Frog and Turtles Statue

You can’t go wrong with this frog and turtle garden statue. Turtles are said to be lucky and the frog seems to be in good company riding on the back of a turtle. This garden statue is very realistic and is cast in quality designer resin. It has been hand-painted to the detailing is very lovely.

Place this frog and turtle statue near a pond or stream to make a natural setting. The statue is 8 inches wide by 11 inches deep and 8.5 inches tall and weighs about 3 pounds.

Thurston the Frog Sitting on a Rock Garden Statue

If you want a little more realistic frog garden statue to add your landscaping, Thurston is your guy. He is large enough that he won’t go unnoticed. This statue will add a playful ambiance to your garden or pond area. Cast in quality designer resin the detailing is very nice. The statue has been hand-painted with bright hues, right down to is brightly bulging eyes. This little amphibian statue is 6 inches wide by 8.5 inches deep and 7 inches in height. It weighs about 2 pounds.

Frogs Romantic Garden Figurine

These two frogs seem to be having a lot of fun enjoying snuggling on a bench. Add this frog garden statue to your garden and they will keep you smiling. The statue is hand-painted and features lots of charm. The bench has been made to look like a carved wooden bench. The statue is made from designer quality resin. It is 7 inches long and 5 inches high.

Pick from any of these delightful frog garden statues for your landscaping. Hide them among the flowers or put them on full display. They will bring a smile to anyone’s face!

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