Garden Wind Spinners

Garden Wind Spinners

If you are looking for something different to add to your yard why not add one of the many garden wind spinners that are available. The bronze-colored solar spinner will keep you mesmerized for hours. The integrated solar panel makes this one of the interesting wind spinners since it can also be seen at night.

Bronze-Colored Solar Garden Wind Spinners Features

  • Three wind-catching forms that turn the spinner
  • Solar powered lighted crackle glass ball on the top of the spinner
  • Automatically lights up after dark
  • The light rotates through several different colors

Bronze-Colored Solar Spinner Description

The beauty of this garden wind spinner is that it turns on a vertical axis. There are three wind-catching shapes with bronze-colored discs. They have wire arcs and curlicues.

This spinner will add a touch of whimsy to your garden after dark. The crackled glass orb on top of the spinner lights up and night. In fact, the orb will change color rotating through pink, blue and green.

A Selection of Garden Wind Spinners

Kinetic Copper Wind Sculpture

Garden Wind SpinnersWith so many garden wind spinners to choose from, the Kinetic Wind Sculpture is perfect even if you only get slight breezes in your yard.

The leaf mounted wheels are about two feet in diameter and it stands about six feet tall.

Made of pure copper and heavy brass construction, it will add some whimsy and wonder to your yard.

Azure Solar Wind Spinner

Garden Wind SpinnersThe Azure Solar Wind Spinner is built to withstand all weather as it has a solid ground stake.

The kinetic metal wind spinner has a blue brushed coated finish.

The crackle glass ball sits between two tiers of the spinning blades.

The ball lights up and night and offers a stunning display of changing jewel tone colors.

The spinner is relaxing to watch while spending time out in your yard or patio.

Tricolor Solar Wind Spinner

Garden Wind SpinnersThis Tricolor Solar Wind Spinner is a great way to light up the evenings and add a touch of ambiance to your patio, lawn or garden.

At night, you will be able to watch as the light softly glows in changing jewel tone colors.

The wind spinner would look amazing in any flower garden and makes an ideal gift for garden lovers.

This spinner is made of solid metallic construction and spins with a dual motion.

There are two blade tiers that rotate smoothly in opposite directions.

Tulip Wind Spinner with Solar Powered Glass Ball

Garden Wind SpinnersThe Tulip Wind Spinner has two tiers of colorful metal petals that will spin in opposite directions.

The solar glass ball emits color-changing light at night.

The solar panel stores the sun’s energy during the day and turns on automatically at dusk.

The ball bearing construction allows the spinner to quietly spin in even the slightest breeze.

This is a fairly tall wind spinner at 74 inches plus it has a 10-inch fork to secure into the ground.

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