Pixie Garden Statues

There are a number of pixie garden statues available and some of them have color-changing solar lights. These statues will be a perfect addition to any garden and will give light and fantasy to the garden at night.

Pixie Garden StatuesSince they change color at night, these pixie statues will make your garden special.

The hand-painted Polyresin statues have a clear color or crackle finish glass globe. They automatically turn on a dusk and then cycle through a rainbow of colors.

They will last up to eight hours on a full battery charge.

Just place them in a sunny spot during the day and watch them light up at night.

Color-Changing Solar Light Standing Pixie

This lovely pixie with globe garden statue has a crackle glass globe with a flower perched on top. Her delicate wings and hand-painted flowers are very well detailed. Made of polyresin this statue should do well for many years in the garden.

Naomi Garden Pixie Statue with Solar

The Naomi pixie statue is another beautiful fairy statue to add to the garden. The crackle glass globe sits in the middle of a pretty pink flower. The renewable battery and solar power mean you don’t need an electrical outlet for this statue to shine! From the delicate wings to the hand-painted flower, this statue is well detailed.

Ami Garden Statue

The charming Ami garden pixie statue is full of character. Made of polyresin and hand-painted she will make a wonderful addition to any garden. The multi-color LED bulb cycles through a rainbow of colors at night. Ami has a crackle glass globe surrounded by flowers.

Hannah Garden Pixie Statue

The lovely Hannah garden pixie statue is posed on a tree stump and has two crackle glass globes to light the way. Hand-pained, she is wearing a lovely butterfly-motif dress. Like her sisters, this statue has a multi-color LED light that will aluminate the garden at night.

If you are a collector of fairies or pixies, you can’t go wrong with any of these garden statues. Get just one, or get them all to make a magical statement in the garden.

Pixie Garden Statues

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